Sports campaign in Egypt Under the banner .. (Disabled …… and proud)…….!!


There is no doubt that the term (disability) may touch on many forms, but what I am trying to draw him attention, is that you may seek to reach the goal, or trying to achieve a dream, and the result in turn is a failure, you are not seeking seriously, did not take the reasons , although you had to have several to choose alternative solutions, but you may lack the fighting spirit and love of competition, accompanied by a serious pursuit of hope and optimism in the inevitable arrival, as long as you have the requirements ..!!
We must know that disability is not one of making the person, they are either hereditary, or perhaps, God willing, getting hurt in an accident, could cause this accident hindered the completion of the march of his life normally.!


Then emit the hope in this patient again, and if this hope is to serve as a guide, to get out of the darkness of this frustration and despair, which it was possible to remain in this frustration and despair over this age ..!!
If such a person filled all this hope, surpassing all expectations and estimates, the usual prediction of those around him in such circumstances ..!!
As if war had decided to wage it, and tenacity without surrender or retreat, but not be allowed to accept the result, but that may be decided to arrive ..!!
Sight of what we are .. This is the person who may sound healthy, but we could see was a disability failure and frustration and do not bear responsibility ..!!
This in turn makes me to see a disabled person that he is already healthy person of failure, because he had decided to ride without defeat the odds ..!!
We should all have to have a sense of sophisticated, in how to deal with this man the right, without sending him a message, and if we tell him that we are dealing with in this way, because our hearts go out whenever we look at it, or because we already have to deal with it so, because we are in this way will draw closer to God treated him good ..!!


We must all live up to a lot further than that, without that make it feel like an alien has landed on the surface of the ground ..!!
I hope that my words are those simple, be a strong starting point, a radical change to the treatment of luxury in the great concept ..!!
The disabled person if it was in his hand, was willing to be disabled.
I hope all of the disabled have a new logo (disabled .. and proud), it pushes the boundaries of disability, and now has the right to ascend the platforms tournaments, and the company he keeps, just like a hero crowned champions in various sports, at the global level ..!!
Sir champion …
You might lose two of their legs going, but you already have hope, you may put you in position, may be far from other people may have what you are missing.


In the near future, God willing, will be held the first tournament for the disabled, to be followed by the announcement of the first union of Champions Body Building for the Disabled in Egypt.



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